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Karvat Group takes over India business, launches new venture

In a strategic move, the Karvat Group has taken over the reins of the travel ancillary business, and will hereon steer its business in India with sole proprietorship. Dev Karvat will take on the ownership of the entire group’s operations in India as CEO. He says, “The company’s commitment towards the travel trade is as persistent as ever. We are thankful to the Cover-More Group for enriching our experience with their global expertise. We will be happy to welcome them back to India in the future. We are now focusing on India-centric offerings. I am happy to share the launch of a new venture – Asego.”

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MTDC resorts at Sinhagad Fort and Akkalkot

The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) plans to open two new resorts at Sinhagad Fort and Akkalkot. “There was a resort at Sinhagad fort that we had given on lease. After the lease expired, it was shut for a year. Now, we have renovated that place and we are opening our own resort. Almost 95% of the work has been completed. Once all the finishing touches are done, we will open within a month,” said Deepak Harne, Regional Manager (Pune), MTDC.

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Manipur plans to develop war tourism site at Koirengei airfield

Manipur is planning to develop war tourism in the state by preserving the historic Koirengei in Imphal, which is an old airfield in the northeast state. The British had built nine airfields in the state, all of which played some role in the war. N Biren Singh, CM of Manipur, says, “As Manipur is now on War Tourism Map with numerous British and Japanese tourists flowing in to visit the war memorial sites, it is important to develop these sites.”

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