Europamundo develops its own Code for Protection of Tourists

Inspired by the initiative of the World Tourism Organization to create its International Code for the Protection of Tourists, at Europamundo we have developed our own code, the Code for
the Protection of Tourists, as a reference framework with minimum standards for the protection of tourists in emergency or extraordinary situations, such as those derived from the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020 or situations of protection of rights as consumers.

It marks a reference environment in the recovery of tourism after COVID-19 so that tourists
and travelers regain confidence in tourism and feel safe when traveling again, in case any
unforeseen or extraordinary situation could occur.

In the preparation of this Code we have created four working groups, involving various
departments of the company and its workers, managers, legal advice, and some of our
distributors and collaborators:
Internal Group: The Customer Service Department and the Corporate Social Responsibility
Suppliers Group: Groups Department, Middle East Department, Hiring Department, Traffic
Department and Department of Corporate Social Responsibility; Group of Guides
Group of Distributors formed by the following: Kuality-Concha (CHILE), Status Travel
(ECUADOR); Cielos Abiertos (COLOMBIA), Ola (ARGENTINA), Andes Reps (CHILE) and
Aeromundo (URUGUAY).

To make this Code we have taken as reference different frameworks related to the protection
and assistance to tourists, duties of the agents involved in a trip, and different codes of
conduct and ethics. In addition, the Code contains principles, definitions, recommendations,
action criteria in relation to different actors involved in the provision of tourist services,
protection in the event of insolvency of suppliers and distributors, and the criterio for the
adherence. We are going to add a summary of the Code to the “My Trip” application used by
our passengers, from where they will be able to access the full version of the Code for
Protection of Tourists, on the Europamundo website.

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