GPS Ahmedabad opens to a full-house; EDWIN in Leh, Oman, Zanzibar and more this year

The Global Panorama Showcase has kick-started in Ahmedabad. Revealing the schedule of its 2019 season, EDWIN will be held in four destinations, Leh, Zanzibar, Oman and Europe during the month of September and October 2019. Making the announcement during the inauguration of GPS in Ahmedabad, Harmandeep Singh Anand, Managing Director, GPS informed that they chose the city of Ahmedabad for a very special reason. “We started GPS ‘On the go’ from here and have got tremendous response from travel trade here. EDWIN is really popular in Gujarat as we got maximum number of participants for the programme from the western state. We also have highest number of 10X members from here, which makes GPS Ahmedabad the perfect city to make this announcement,” he said.

“We have received constant support from a number of travel trade associations of Gujarat in organising GPS in Ahmedabad and making it a success. Going forward , Ahmedabad will also become the first GPS city with auto-check in facility in coming future. No check-in booths will be required at the show and all the check-in will be done by kiosks. I am proud to say that GPS is the only paperless digital travel event in the world, he further said.

The two day B2B show started in Ahmedabad on Wednesday with half day of knowledge sessions, termed as KIT (Knowledge, Inspiration, Training) Talk and half day of B2B meetings. The day 2 will have full day B2B meetings between, exhibitors and buyers from different regions of Gujarat.

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