MITT moves from Expocenter to Crocus Expo in 2020

In line with Hyve’s other Moscow exhibitions, MITT this year will be moving from its previous home of Expocenter to Crocus Expo – Eastern Europe’s largest exhibition venue. According to MITT’s Event Director Artem Chernyshov, the move will bring many advantages to help improve the show experience. He believes that with the move, a more developed infrastructure would enable visitors to enter efficiently without queues. There will be extensive places to rest and relax on the 2nd floor, which is a food court with plenty of cafés and restaurants. Also, there will be 35,000 free parking spaces. Large and spacious pavilions would allow the whole exhibition to take place in one pavilion, improving navigation for visitors and providing better stand locations for exhibitors. While Crocus’ distance from the city centre may be seen by some as a disadvantage, Artem shares, “We are prepared to possibly see fewer visitors in 2020, but those who need to be there will come. Our experience with other exhibitions that have already moved to Crocus suggests that targeted visitors will always attend. Our exhibition is trade-only, and we maintain this concept.”

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