MOT extends validity of recognised service providers till 31st Dec 2021

Since physical inspection of office premises of applicants cannot be undertaken by the Ministry of Tourism, they have given extension to the existing validity of the tour operators, travel agents and tourist transport operators up to 31.12.2021. It will also include the extended validity already given to such tour operators. However, this will be subject to the condition that they have submitted their complete application seeking renewal of their approval/recognition with the Ministry of Tourism. In an order, the MOT has announced that all agencies, whose validity expires (including extended validity) up to July, 2021 will be given extension of validity(approval/recognition) up to 31.12.2021 subject to the condition they have submitted their complete application for renewal. For agencies seeking fresh approval/recognition, they will be considered for giving provisional approval up to 31.12.2021 subject to submission of complete application fulfilling all the documentary requirements as mentioned in the guidelines issued by the Ministry. MOT also said that the status of all such cases will be reviewed from time to time as the situation required and suitable decision taken will be communicated accordingly.

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