MOT to create detailed operational advisories to help stakeholders move forward smoothly: Yogendra Tripathi

Yogendra Tripathi, Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, has said that after the Government has laid out SOPs for tourism stakeholders, including hotels and restaurants, as well as changing the definition of MSMEs for this sector, the MOT will now be coming up with more detailed operational advisories for tourism stakeholders and states, to ensure that operations happen smoothly and consumers are confident of using their services. “We have been in discussions with the stakeholders and we have been taking inputs regarding what they feel is the right way of starting operations. We shared our inputs when the SOPs were being finalised by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. As the next step, to further give confidence to the state governments and industry stakeholders, we will be further be coming up with detailed operational advisories. These will be more operational advisories to help the stakeholders in ensuring that their operations happen smoothly on one side, and this would also give more confidence to the consumers that our stakeholders would be operating, not only as per SOPs, but would be following very detailed functional operational advisories. Therefore, it should help in building confidence not only among the people who are going to do the business, but also among the people who are going to use the services. We are in the final stages of doing that,” he shared.

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