Need relaxed policies of refunds and cancellations: Colombowalla

Mehernosh Colombowalla, Director, Beyond Borders Travel Management Company, believes that going forward, when travel restarts, there should be relaxation in refunds and cancellations form service providers like hotels, airlines and tourism boards. “Going forward, I would like to see a little more relaxed policies from service providers in terms of cancellations and refunds so. For example, when a client is overseas and gets infected by the virus, we would expect the hotel to give refund on the remaining part of the stay, and airlines should be more accommodative in both charges for re-booking or even refund on the return portion of the journey, whatever the fare type maybe, in case the client has to come back on the first available flight. Hence, collectively we just need to work together to build trust and make sure that the client does not feel that he’s going to have huge losses if he contracts the virus when he is on a vacation overseas,” he commented at the 5th TravTalk Digital Conclave.

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