Rajasthan launches new global marketing campaign

new campaignRajasthan has launched a multi-year, multi-modal, multi-narrative and multi-crore global campaign to galvanise tourism in the state with a view to raise the annual tourist arrivals past the 50 million mark by 2020. Unveiling the campaign, Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, said, “This campaign will herald Rajasthan Tourism 3.0. Rajasthan Tourism 1.0 of the 80s was about our landscape, the harsh terrain, and the adventures immortalized by Satyajit Ray on celluloid. The 90s saw version 2.0, with a forward looking vision which included our heritage properties. With Rajasthan Tourism 3.0 we aim to implement an integrated plan that revolves around experience, infrastructure, cleanliness, security and marketing.”
The campaign will play an important role in the Government of Rajasthan’s vision of doubling the annual footfall of international tourists to from 1.5 million to 3.0 million by the year 2020. In the same period, the government also aims to increasing the domestic tourist traffic from the present 33 million to 50 million tourists annually. The evening saw the launch of a new logo and brand identity for the campaign. The campaign also includes a new website and an advertisement Print, TV and Outdoor spots which are aimed at attracting both the seasoned traveler and the youth to explore Rajasthan in a whole new way.
Realizing that the tourism sector in Rajasthan has a huge potential to grow, this new campaign aims to increase the number of foreign and domestic tourists visiting the state. Shailendra Agrawal, Principal Secretary, Tourism, Art & Culture, Archeology & Museums, Government of Rajasthan said, “Global trends indicate that Asia Pacific’s share in global tourist traffic will rise from 22% to 30% in the next 10-15 years. Through our campaign, we aim to attract these travelers to India and especially to Rajasthan. Even a small rise in this traffic to the State will create tremendous opportunities for our state and its tourism industry.”
The campaign also focuses on highlighting Rajasthan as a favoured tourism destination not just during peak periods but throughout the year. This campaign will also spread awareness about the lesser known destinations that the state has to offer. In the least two years the Government of Rajasthan has focused on strengthening the tourism infrastructure – not only through upgrading existing circuits but also by developing new circuits.
Raje added, “Tourism is the world’s biggest industry and Rajasthan with its rich heritage is poised to fully exploit the opportunities the state offers. Tourism has a huge multiplier effect by way of creating direct and indirect jobs, which improves the economic status of people across the state. Our plan for tourism is nested within the broader Rajasthan model of development, which has three pillars – job creation, social justice and effective governance.”

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