Paris, France: Flights cancelled, severe delay could affect local transport amid strikes

The French national strikes across the country has affected transport and travel to and from France with several airlines cancelling flights and severe delays expected travelling via trains, metros, buses and trams. EasyJet, British Airways, and Ryanair have already been forced to cancel a number of services as a result. While the strike will mainly affect local transport, French air traffic controllers (ATC) and airport fire service are also planning to walk out, which will mean disruption to flights to and from France as well as over French air space. EasyJet has already cancelled 233 flights across its network. British Airways and Ryanair has also cancelled a number of flights.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office warned of severe delays that could affect “trains, metros, busses and trams” across France. Travellers heading to France next week should therefore check before they travel to make sure services are still running. Other international rail services such as those to the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Germany may also be affected.


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