Artoso, a new lifestyle hospitality venture, launched by Sushill S Wadhwa

Artoso Hospitality Corp, a new lifestyle hospitality venture, by Sushill S Wadhwa and Platinum World Grroup, introduces three distinctive brands: Stamps Hotels & Resorts, Woodstones Hotels & Resorts, and Artvue Hotels & Resorts, and is looking to attract owners of standalone hotels or properties to convert to one of their unique brands.

Underpinning this venture is the commitment to redefine luxury experiences and solve challenges faced by both independent hotel owners and discerning guests. Sushill S Wadhwa, Founder & CMD, Platinum World Grroup, says, “The brands are all very different from each other. They’re all luxury brands with their own unique identities. I have always wondered why there is a Check-in and Check-out time of 3pm and 12 pm respectively, hence we plan to have a 24 hours check-in & Out for our hotels. Many hotels close their breakfast between 10.30-11am, we plan to have Anytime Breakfast in all our hotels, like this there will many areas of high levels of personalisation for the guests, like selecting what VIP Amenities they want instead of a standard bottle of wine/champagne,. and even personalise their mini bars with beverages and brands of their choice. All our hotels and rooms will be AI powered, so that with a simple voice command, they can set the temperature of their AC, watch a particular channel, set the lights as per their mood, and order room service or spa.”

Distinctive Brands:

Stamps, Woodstones and Artvue are poised to become synonymous with opulence, offering bespoke experiences that transcend conventional hospitality norms. Each brand caters to diverse preferences, from the cool casual vibe of Stamps to the timeless appeal of Woodstones and the avant-garde charm of Artvue.

Stamps Hotels and Resorts: is a new brand of trendy hotels catering to young and young at heart travellers who want a unique, authentic and quirky experience.

With a light hearted atmosphere and casual decor, Stamps is the perfect place to stay, work, play, network and relax after a day of exploring the destination.

Bold colours, textures and comfortable furniture create a luxurious and inviting atmosphere. The rooms are modern and equipped with all the amenities you need for a comfortable luxurious stay. With its young, creative and trendy vibe, Stamps is the new choice for a getaway to enjoy everything the destination has to offer.

Woodstones Hotels and Resorts: is a new brand of boutique luxury hotels catering to the discerning traveller looking for a timeless appeal & personalized service.

Offering a cosy, warm and inviting atmosphere, Woodstones is the place to enjoy immaculate luxury and everlasting design. Warm colors, wood and stone elements with elegant furniture creates a luxurious and inviting atmosphere. The rooms are modern and equipped with all the amenities you need for a magnificent stay. With its eternal, rustic and inviting vibe, Woodstones is the new choice for a getaway to enjoy everything the destination has to offer.

Artvue Hotels and Resorts: is a bold and creative haven for travellers looking for a unique and refreshing experience. With an atmosphere combining modern design with Artsy accents, you will find something unique and artful around every corner.

The furniture will have a modern look with clean lines, and the lighting is bright and inviting.

Artvue injects its signature blend of art, glamour and culinary flair into the world of hospitality. With its bold design and youthful energy, Artvue will set the scene with outdoor poolside cinemas, rooftop lounges and eclectic collection of bars and restaurants across its hotels.

The launch comes with the introduction ofArtosian Rewards Unltd, a cutting-edge loyalty program designed to enrich the guest experience. This program, unparalleled in its offerings, grants exclusive access to premium benefits, forging lasting connections between Artoso and its patrons.

Recognizing the challenges faced by small independent hotel owners, Artoso is committed to providing comprehensive solutions. With a Board comprising seasoned hospitality and tourism entrepreneurs, the company brings a wealth of expertise to address the unique needs of these establishments. Artoso Hospitality offers tailored strategies, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled support to help independent hotels thrive in a highly competitive market.

“We are thrilled to introduce Artoso and our remarkable brands to the world,” said Mr. Sushill S. Wadhwa. “Our mission is to elevate the hotel experience for guests while empowering small independent hotel owners to achieve greater success. With our innovative approach, unrivalled loyalty program, and exceptional leadership team, we are confident that Artoso will reshape the hospitality landscape.”

Artoso is proud to be guided by a distinguished board of directors, each a luminary in their respective fields:

Sushill S Wadhwa:

A luminary in hospitality, luxury events, and celebrations, he brings a wealth of experience from executing events globally. His expertise in creating extraordinary boutique hotels aligns seamlessly with Artoso’s vision.

Bastien Blanc:

As the Co-Founder of TroKadero Hospitality Global, Blanc’s extensive hospitality career spanning four continents and 30 years makes him a stalwart in operations, commercial performance, and product development. His experience will guide Artoso Brands management.

Bobby Mukherji:

Renowned architect Bobby Mukherji, known for his innovative designs, especially in hotel architecture, leads his multi-disciplinary firm. His creative footprint extends across various sectors, promising unique perspectives for Artoso’s ventures. His expertise will help design all hotel brands by Artoso.

James Knight Paccheco:

A culinary virtuoso, Paccheco’s global influence and dedication to culinary excellence, showcased on BBC’s prime-time cooking shows, position him as a valuable asset to Artoso’s vision of exceptional dining experiences. His experience will create culinary inspiration for all Artoso’s hotel brands.

David Lescarret:

Founder of Infini Concepts, Lescarret has a successful track record introducing international brands like CeLaVi, Miss Tess and more in Dubai. His expertise in business development and venue repositioning will play a pivotal role in Artoso’s strategic expansion. His vision will help create memorable F&B Brands for the Artoso Chain of Hotels.


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