Roseate Hotels & Resorts Enters into a strategic AI Partnership with Quicktext in the UK

Roseate Hotels & Resorts has partnered with Paris-based hospitality AI SuperApp, Quicktext to benefit from cutting-edge AI technology for their hotels based in the UK. The brand proffers a collection of seven luxury hotels across India and the United Kingdom, characterised by their unique charm, immaculate hospitality, highest standards of service and attention to the finest detail. Each of the hotels is strategically located and offers its guests a bespoke experience that has been well recognized and featured by key travel and hospitality media across the world.

Following an engaging and meticulous process of research, this strategic partnership began with the introduction of Rose, the virtual assistant modelled specifically to reflect the benchmark service standards the brand is synonymous with: optimize guests’ interactions, enrich communication at every touchpoint, boost guest satisfaction, streamline operations and, last but not least, immaculate service. Best of all, the continuous analysis of big data (via
(Q-Data & Q-Channel) is delivering actionable insights to Roseate Hotels & Resorts for new high value services, revenue management and personalized marketing campaigns. Quicktext also provides services to optimize sales and content (Q-Sales, Q-SEO, Q-Dynamic).

Quicktext, the hospitality AI SuperApp is deeply impacting the world of hospitality marketing and operation with its outstanding, innovative solutions based on Q-Brain+, the hybridisation of classic conversational AI and generative AI.

Ravi Birdy, Executive Director, Roseate Hotels & Resorts said, “We encourage and thrive on a culture of immaculate service, evolution, dynamism and growth! As part of our brand vision, we are on a constant quest to improve our products and services in order to offer an enriched, bespoke experience to our guests. The promising avenues that AI has opened today in the world of hospitality, align well with our vision. We are delighted to have partnered with Quicktext. ”

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