VFS to train TAAI members

TAAI NEWThe new Managing Committee at the Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) has initiated a training workshop on visas for its members along with VFS Global this month. Bhagwan Ramnani, TAAI Managing Committee Member and Chairman – Allied Services Committee, said, that the joint visa training program for TAAI members will be pan India. “This is being conducted for the first time. Member training is our priority. This will begin in the second week of January on a quarterly basis in conjunction with the Regional/Chapter meetings of TAAI. There are regular changes in visa processes and most embassies and consulates work with VFS Global. Hence TAAI had talks with them to conduct training sessions for our members across India on visa processing, which will not only enhance their knowledge but enable them to share it with their clients.”

The first phase will be to interact with personnel from VFS Global and consulates and embassies. The second will be to impart knowledge and conduct training for front line staff by VFS Global in association with TAAI. The training will commence in Gujarat and Kolkata, followed by Southern and Northern India.

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