Unveiling Celestial Hills, Villas & Suites by The Clarks

The Clarks Hotels & Resorts, has launched its second property in beautiful Sri Lanka, this move puts the chain well in place to enter into the luxury leisure segment and increase the brands international footprint further.

Celestial Hills, a boutique luxury resort, is nestled in the picturesque city of Kandy, the resorts blending in seamlessly with nature, features 11 luxury private villas, each with their own private plunge pools, an outdoor shower and a large balcony all looking into Hatana and Knuckle mountain ranges.

The resort also features a local cuisine restaurant, where guests can experience local flavors looking over some fabulous views. The spa, consists of 2 treatment rooms with a range of therapies that our guests can choose from. The pool, nestled in between the trees, is a perfect afternoon spot to relax.

The visitors can explore Kandy, which is  a cultural jewel with UNESCO-listed sites, vibrant markets, and tranquil lakes and immerse in a cultural odyssey with the rhythmic beats of Kandyan drums and engagements with local artisans.

Mr. Rahul Deb Banerjee, Vice President of The Clarks Hotels & Resorts, ‘Our strategy involves both national and international expansion. With our unique property in Sri Lanka, we aim to provide travellers with exceptional experiences. As the Sri Lankan government promotes tourism and domestic interest grows, we anticipate a surge in tourism. We are actively promoting Sri Lanka as our new international destination, offering Indian travellers our renowned hospitality globally.’

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