VFS Global advises prospective students to be wary of scamsters

With borders slowly reopening for Indians, student visa applications for various countries are at a record high. With this higher demand for visa application appointments, VFS Global has continually faced the issue of scammers posing as employees or associates of the organisation and
embezzling customers.

Misusing VFS Global’s trusted name in the visa space, such scammers lure aspirants with the false promise of overseas settlement. An all-too-frequent modus operandi involves a scammer using new software and other technology to clone VFS Global’s web page and mask their phone numbers, so it appears that the call has indeed come from an official VFS Global line. The victim is then asked to verify the number on the official website,
leading him/her to further believe the caller.

“We understand anxieties engulfing students and parents with the reopening of international
borders. With high demand for student visas, it is also important for our customers to be
wary of miscreants looking to take advantage of this peak demand period. VFS Global urges
prospective students to beware of such malpractices. VFS Global is taking all necessary and
proactive measures to accommodate students visas as per directives from the respective
Embassy or Consulate,” said Pranav Sinha, Head – South Asia, VFS Global.

Touts could also reach out to customers via chat apps, offering simple assistance such as
booking an appointment slot to apply for a visa at a VFS Global centre at an additional fee.
VFS Global does not charge customers for appointments to submit applications. All
appointments are available online on a first-come-first-served basis completely free of cost.
No VFS Global employee or third party can assure an appointment based on payment.
With the increasing number of incidents, and recognising the need for more awareness,
several client governments have started issuing warnings and advisories on possible scams
related to visa services.

Most recently, the British High Commission initiated awareness
advisories highlighting frauds. The High Commission of Canada, too, has published notices
through VFS Global informing customers that biometric enrolment appointments are free of


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