Widespread use of technology needed to mitigate COVID risk: Alok Sharma

Alok Sharma, CEO& Founder, Shycocan Corporation has claimed that there is a need for widespread use of technology to mitigate the risk of COVID. “We can sure help prevent the next wave and it will give confidence to business and humans to have a more normal life. The incidents, if any, would be less sporadic if it was not adopted in a big way,” he said. He also said Shycocan can work in outdoors and it is effective against mutants of virus as well. “It worked equally well on all mutants because it neutralises the cell positive charge from the virus and it doesn’t kill the virus. Human cells are negatively charged, and that’s why infection happens. Hence, it doesn’t matter which variant is there because the shell will get neutralised with Shycocan,” he claimed.

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