Scoot & Tigerair to complete merger on July 25

Come July 25, 2017, Scoot and Tigerair will be putting finishing touches to the integration of their reservation systems, flight schedules and connections, etc. by merging the two airlines to operate under a single brand. With the merger, Tigerair will operate under the Scoot brand, however the Scoot designator code (TZ) will be re-designated as TR. Scoot flight schedules (departure/arrival dates and times) will remain unchanged, i.e. flights will depart as scheduled, however instead of TZ, the designator code will be TR. For passengers travelling on any Scoot flight on, or after 25 Jul 2017, the airline will be sending out a separate email over the next few weeks (either directly or through the travel agency) to inform passengers of updated itinerary with the new Scoot designator code (TR). With the merger, Scoot will operate two different fleets of Boeing 787 Dreamliner (existing Scoot fleet) and Airbus 320 (Tigerair fleet repainted into Scoot livery). Some of their networks will be served by both fleets.