PATA India Chapter requests MOT for ‘One country one rule’ concept

PATA India Chapter requested the Minister of Tourism that since all states have different SOPs and quarantine rules, there is a need to develop on the One Country One Rule concept. Runeep Sangha, Executive Director, PATA India Chapter said, “The MOT website should be one point of authentic information for tourists, and if there are any changes, they should first be intimated to MOT, who can update its website accordingly before they are put into the public domain. We also told them that tourism is a perishable commodity, and if the moment is gone, the opportunity is gone, and the result is that you lose revenues which will never come back. Therefore, it’s important for related ministries to understand that and work together with MOT as one. Another point we made was that there are over 50 NTOs that are jostling for the attention of FTOs, so we should focus on FTOs, work hand-in-glove with them for promotions and incentives and if we do that =, our returns will be better. In advertising, we should focus on travel trade media rather than mainstream media, because the rate of response to travel trade media will be much higher than that in mainstream media. On domestic tourism, there should be commonality of rules and regulations between states, and they should provide relief to people who go on domestic holidays. Instead of twice in a block of 4 years, they should make it every year.”

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